The Diary of a Lure Angler in Fermanagh – Sunday 12th February 2017

The Diary of a Lure Angler in Fermanagh – Sunday 12th February 2017

On Sunday myself and a friend headed off for a session on a local canal. Bitterly cold eastern winds met us as we arrived on the bank and we also noticed some ice on the edges of the canal meaning one thing low water temperature. Armed with a good selection of lures from various sources I started off by fishing a micro edition slider from in chart green rigged on a 1.5gram chebrushka and a size 4 kamatsu worm hook. I cast right across the length of the canal and let my tiny 1″ lure touch bottom a few small taps later and the first perch of the session was landed quickly followed by another. A change of lure was then required so I moved over to a bright pink lrf worm at about 38mm rigged on the same setup but fishing it entirely different by lifting it and giving it a lengthy pause then a quick drag along bottom was the way to go and my perch number quickly increased. The wind by this point had strengthened making fishing very difficult and as I was using such fine braid as a main line it was being blown about a lot. With the lighter set up an increase in weight was required so I moved up to a 3 gram flex head and this made control more effective on my end rig and my fish tally was on the rise again by this time I had found a few boats parked up perfect place for a few fish. Fishing tight to there sides I had around 40 or so fish in a short period of time and ended the session with over 50 perch.

My rod type in this session was a Wychwood agitator 3-18 gram. My reel was a Cortland 2000 series loaded with Shimano braid at 0.7mm. Attached to this was Fox Rage fluro carbon at the same diameter. Hooks used were kamatsu worm series Size 4 with micro barb.

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