Omagh Anglers is one of the oldest and largest angling clubs in Northern Ireland with around 700 members. The club has access to fishing which extends from upstream of the county town of Omagh down to below Newtownstewart taking in the rivers Drumragh, Camowen, Strule and the Owenkillew. This is one of the most prolific trout systems in Northern Ireland and it also receives large runs of salmon and sea trout.

The season extends from 1 April to 20 October with salmon coming into the system from mid May onwards. If the river runs high then there are good runs of salmon throughout June, July and August. The larger salmon run the Owenkillew from September onwards. Some of the most popular salmon flies for the system are the Wye Bug, Curry’s Red Shrimp, Gold Shrimp and sometimes the Apache Bug.

Sea trout can usually be caught around Newtownstewart from June onwards with good patterns being the Black Pennell, Teal Blue and Silver, and the Peter Ross. The sea trout are generally of good average size, 1-2 pounds (½-1kg), but there is always the possibility of fish up to 5lb (2+kg).

Brown trout fishing on the system is top quality with abundant stocks of wild trout in the range of ¾-1½ pounds (0.3-0.7kg). In the past the club stocked catchable-size trout to supplement the wild stock but have been advised by the Loughs Agency that this is not necessary as survey results have indicated a prolific wild stock. The upper waters of the system around the town of Omagh on the Strule, Drumragh and Camowen constitute a superb trout fishery.

The flies best suited for brown trout vary with the season but some of the most popular patterns include: Iron Blue Dun, small and large Dark Olives, Nymphs, Sedges Wickham’s Fancy.

A map of river can be found here

Day Tickets for Omagh Anglers Association
For only £20 for Adults and £5 for children you can purchase a visitors day ticket tofish all of Omagh Anglers water which is almost 30 mile of water. This allows an angler to fish for Salmon, Sea trout and Brown Trout. This also incudes the tourist stretch at Cappagh on the River Strule. Tickets can be purchased from either CA Andersons of Omagh or D Campbell of Newtownstewart.

There is a reduction of £20 if someone wanted a weekly ticket , £120 instead of £140.

Applying for Membership
Anyone can apply for membership of Omagh Anglers Association by filling in the attached form and forwarding it to the address on the form. It is a PO Box number and this is the only accceptable address to be used when applying for membership!! Preference is given to applicants with in the BT78 /79 postcode areas as this is classed as local to the Association.Cost in the first year is double the normal yearly membership.

Contact can be made via the contact tab of the left hand side of the club homepage of their website.


Day Permits Available
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