Aghadowey lake is a spring fed two acre lake and is a catch and release brown and rainbow trout fly fishery. It was a clay pit until flooding in the 70s and has been maturing in trees and aquatic life since then. The lake is home to waterhen, coot, mallard, 2 pairs of very noisy little grebes and of course many 3lb and above native brown trout and rainbows 2lb up to 5lb. The lakes clay pit past means it varies in depth up to 12 feet with underwater ridges and troughs and is strictly no wading.

At Aghadowey Lake we have had to strike a balance between accessibility to fly fishing and retaining the natural beauty of the lake. It was purchased in 2015 and was very overgrown so we have attempted to open it up for fly angling at different positions around the lake, but retaining inaccessible places where the resident wildlife can thrive away from interference. The previous owner of the house and the lake had stocked the lake with browns in 2010 and 2014 and this then accounted for the large browns we were seeing and catching. Our catch and release policy has come from a desire to present anglers with decent sizes of brown and rainbow trout. One of the unique aspects of Aghadowey Lake is the pine tree cover that provides great shelter from our frequent showers so getting soaked does not have to be part of the experience. The trees also provide great protection from the wind so dependent on wind direction there are days that even in strong wind fly fishing can still be comfortable. The lake is surrounded by Pine, Hazel, Blackthorn, Ash Beech, Oak and Willow to name a few so the trout take on a broad spectrum of fly. The lake also teams with shrimp and beetles.

There is a limit to the number of anglers we can accommodate at any time so prior booking is a must by contacting Ian on 07588829250.

Our current packages range from:

£12 for 4 Hours catch & release
£10 for an evening catch & release
£18 for a full day catch & release

The lake can be booked for a full day for one person at £60. This ticket allows you to bring a single guest. The benefits of this is not only the lake to yourself but allows you to fish a position for a while and then move on to another that is untouched and so on. As you will know some of your best catches have been that first cast on an undisturbed stretch. We are always keen to see our younger generation starting to fly fish and this makes for a good parent/child day out.

We have toilet and tea/coffee facilities onsite. The lake is just a stones throw off the Glenkeen Road, Aghadowey and is just 300 yards from the well known Brown Trout Inn and a local coffee shop and Today  Shop.


To book contact Ian on 07588829250

Aghadowey Lake
42 Glenkeen Road,



Tea and Coffee Available
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