Kevin’s in heaven on Spain’s Ebro by John Dory

Kevin’s in heaven on Spain’s Ebro by John Dory
PRESS photographer Kevin Cooper is man who moves fast and as an eye for the big picture. The keen angler caught this 170lb catfish on the river Ebro in Spain last week – just an hour after reaching the riverbank. It is a personal best for the angler and the largest from the fishery this year.
Kevin flew from Belfast and was met by fishing guide Oliver Bentley of River Ebro Catfish. After a quick change into fishing gear it was onto the riverbank and half an hour later the first catfish of 10lb was caught and returned. An hour later the rod tip bouncing and bells ringing meant a much bigger fish.
“I picked up the rod and struck, but apart there was no strong pull. The fish was obviously swimming towards me until it decided to take line and then there was nothing to stop it. Five times it took line before being brought under control,” he said.
The second day’s fishing produced 50lbs and 30lbs fish along with other fish around the 10 lbs mark.
Said Kevin,
“Oliver provided expert advice and assistance as well as being an excellent cook and personal driver. Over the four days 10 fish were lifted. All fishing licences, rods, tackle and fishing baits were provided. Fishing licences are essential as bailiffs checked the paperwork twice over the four days.”
Meanwhile the late Dick Warner’s final contribution to angling  started on TV this week. The Great Irish Fishing Odyssey is a 13-part series beginning on eirSport. The programme blends an innovative format with HD photography and unseen archive footage. The result is a television series that conveys an important aspect of Irish culture and heritage while also retaining broad audience appeal. The series is made by Midas Productions and supported by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland.
Dick’s last contribution to angling leaves no stone unturned in his odyssey to catch one of each of 13 freshwater species in all weathers, in every type of waterway, and it cements his legacy as one of Ireland’s all-time presenting greats.
Monday night’s programme started with the annual ritual of mayfly fishing for brown trout on Lough Corrib. International fisherwoman Betty Hayes joined him on the water.
Press photographer Kevin Cooper with his 170lb catfish.
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