Go Fishing NI’s ‘Catch Report’ – Wednesday 16th November 2016

Go Fishing NI’s ‘Catch Report’ – Wednesday 16th November 2016

Another instalment of the catch report, reporting news on catches across Northern Ireland.


Craigmore Fishery

Weekly report 10/11/16 to 13/11/16
Can I ask anglers to remember the basic handling rules for fish as I have saw a couple of marked fish. When possible unhook the fish in the water without touching it, if your barbs are squezed this is easy. If you have to use a net unhook the fish with snips without touching it. DO NOT then lift the fish out of the net with your hands and place it back in the water, use the net to put the fish back in the water, you shouldnt have to touch the fish at all but if you do ALLWAYS wet your hands first. This basic knowledge will keep the fish in pristine condition and prolong their life… This weekend saw a big dip in temperatures with the roof of the hut white with frost on friday morning, but still a few caught on dries with more just below the surface. Steven Best landed 14 on Friday and 17 on Saturday on damsels, yellow dancer, butchers and lures 2@6-7lb and a few 3-4lb. Andy Maguire 20 on lubes 1@4-5lb. Gary Rock 17 on lures 14@lb,1@6lb and 1@8lb. Ryan Esther 8 on lures 1@5+lb. Jim Magill 12 on on spiders and dawlbachs few 3+lb. Barry McFarland landed 15 and lost guite a few on black shipmans 1@4-5lb and a few 3+lb. Martin Foster 13 on lures 2@3-4lb. Colin Foster 13 as well on mixed premier-pharmacy.com lures again a couple 3-4lb. Jamie Craine 10 on nymphs, drys and lures. James Harper landed 7 and he was over the moon that 6 of these were on his black shuttlecock. Davy Hayes 14 on the weed fly 1@8lb. Tom Hobson 12 on orange lures and nymphs. Bob Weir 12 on the weed fly 1@6lb. Denis McIlroy 8 on lures 1@5+lb. Martin Beety 10 on green Fritz with light green bead..
  15037243_1436667813027634_7588405138934331205_n 15079074_1436667643027651_3606935126468737721_n
Some nice fish caught by Andy McClelland

Birchwood Fishery

Another weekend has come to an end and with the colder weather fish we’re fighting well with the great turnout of angles al weekend even in the pouring ?? we managed to land a total of 617.
Top rods were:
Przemyslaw Grochowski. 30
Terry Morrison. 25
Jimmy O’Connor. 25
A Norbay. 23
Maurice Brolly. 21
Pat Mc Devitt. 21
B Laughlin. 16
D Montgomery. 16
E Magee. 16
Paddy Ó Donnghaile. 15
Niffy. 14
j Seaman. 14
And so on……
Heavy fish this weekend
Colin Mc Niffe. 11.39 lb
B Laughlin. 10 lb
T Dorthery. 9 lb
M Brolly. 7 lb
D Montgomery. 6-4 lb
G Wolf 5 lb
P Grochowski. 5 lb
We only had one TAG fish caught this weekend by J O Connors receiving £25.00 ??
Bait lake
Another great turnout on the bait with everyone filling there bags keep up the good work…..
Sorry if I left anyone out
Open Thursday to Sunday 8am til dark
Restocking as normal
See you all soon
Thanks BWF

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Thank you to this weeks contributors – Craigmore Fishery & Birchwood Fishery

Tight Lines for the week ahead everyone

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