Go Fishing NI’s ‘Catch Report’ – Wednesday 9th November 2016

Go Fishing NI’s ‘Catch Report’ – Wednesday 9th November 2016

Another instalment of the catch report, reporting news on catches across Northern Ireland.

Still very slow on the submission of reports. Not only is this a wonderful way of sharing the super catches of your customers, but it is also an excellent way to advertise your club or fishery – don’t miss out! So whether it be a club run match or a round-up of catches from a private fishery, send in your report to enquires@gofishingni.co.uk. by Tuesday evening of each week.

This report will also be used to allow clubs and fisheries to post event details too as well as using our new page http://gofishingni-co-uk.stackstaging.com/latest-events/

Thank you to this weeks contributors – Craigmore FisheryGorestown Lough Fly Fishery, Moy-Dungannon.

Tight Lines for the week ahead everyone!


Craigmore Fishery
Weekly Report 20/10/16 To 6/11/16
Sorry no report for a couple of weeks i was on holiday, so most of the report will be based on the past couple of weeks. John Brown 42 in 1 day, Marti Allen 32 and Stevie Rae 26 all on mixed flys with a few big fish caught between them. Andy McClelland 33 on lures and damsels 1@5+lb ans 1@6+lb. Jim Simpson 24 on vivas and nomads with a few 3-4lb, James Harper 23 on lures with a couple 4-5lb. Dennis Mcilroy 27 on lures 2@4lb. John Hughes 13 on dawlbachs and lures, David Hayes 36 on the weed fly few 4-5lb. Edmund McAteer 18 on lures and drys, Allen Temple 18 on drys and bloodworm, Bob Weir 21 on the weed fly 1@6+lb and 3@4-5lb. Jeff Davidson 24 on mixed drys, Billy Hazalett 24 on spiders and lures, Davy Cunningham 18 on lures a couple 5-6lb. Billy Magill 27 on lures 2@7,1@6 and 2@4lb, Mark Goudy 10 lures 1@4.8lb, Maurice Anderson 16 on buzzer and nomads. Jim Magill 44 on spiders with a few 4-5lb. Merlin Montgomery 32 on bloodworm 8@4lb and 2@6-7lb. Colin Montgomery 31 on lies and bloodworm 6@4lb and 2@6-7lb. Billy Todd 19 on spiders, Andy Maquire 27 on lures 3@4+lb and 1@5+lb. Martin Foster 15 on lures, Gary Rock 17 4@4+ and 1@5.8lb on lures. Jason Craig 15 on lures, Leslie Beggs 22 in 1 day on lures. Leslie Wilson 15 on lures, Andrew Brown 11 on lures. Bob Johnson 11 on olive cdcs 1@5+lb. E Matthews 11 on lures, Ricky McClelland 17 on lures 1@5lb, Tom Hobson 12 on lures. Sandy Doreen 28 in 1 day on the weed fly 1@6, 6@4-5lb. Ruth Arrell 14 on the weed 2@5, 8@4-5lb. Michael Wakeland 16 on buzzer 1@5+lb. Billy Air 10 on buzzer 1@6.5lb. John Dixon 1@9lb. Sorry i couldnt mention every one…..

Gorestown Lough Fly Fishery
Fishing very we’ll at the minute. Some still being got on dry flie an lots on lures Stephen Cole had 47 an lost a few as well plus broke on a few too. Paul Hamilton had 12, Harry 27,  John had 26 and Alison 29. Some nice fish up to 7lb.
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