Agency expands hi-tech helper by John Dory

Agency expands hi-tech helper by John Dory
THE Loughs Agency has re-launched its angling website giving it a new look and some extra features. The new site contains more information for both local and visiting anglers. In addition to essential advice, rules and regulations it also provides access to purchase a Loughs Agency rod e-licence. Interactive maps of each river in the Foyle and Carlingford catchments allow the web user to see where the best spots are to park to access the river and where the nearest tackle shops can be found.

Angling club boundaries are also clearly marked with details on how to buy a day or season ticket. If there is a river gauge or camera these are also clearly marked so the angler can see what the conditions are from a smartphone, tablet of computer. Each lough that is open to the public, as well as stocked lakes, are also included with details on opening times, contact details and permissible methods.

Anglers can refer to tide tables, lunar phases, sunrise/sunset times and weather forecasts for both the Carlingford and Foyle catchments to help plan their trip. More real-time data will be available in the future to provide the angler with river level, water temperature, turbidity and rainfall information.
The information within the website will expand and change as more surveys are carried out, said a spokesman.

“The Loughs Agency is also committed to providing an e-permit solution for its stakeholders. This will allow the visiting angler to purchase a day or season ticket without the need to visit a distributor in person, or react to conditions and purchase permits to fish alternate beats from the riverbank.”

If you have any content you would like added to the uFish Ireland website or want to provide feedback contact the agency using the email address or call David Spencer on 028 7134 2100.
Salmon angling on the Reelan river in Donegal. Anglers will be able to check water levels on a smartphone.
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